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Truth And Justice Recruitment

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Info about the Basic structure of the Project can be found here:

While brief, the site is laden with snippets and content, so it should be a breeze to get more info, and Submitting a join Form is recommended if you will read the Recruitment Details Below:

Project Title:

Truth and Justice

- TJ is a Story-Driven First Person/3rd Person Tactical Game where Joe Binelli[The Protagonist] has been wrongfully convicted and sentenced to Prison Camp...l However, Joe is in over his head.

"When you find yourself inside a Remotely located Prison, You soon realize you must find out how far the conspiracy goes."

Less Than Lethal Options are available, as well as firearms, so the Player's Freedom of Choice has a Risk/Reward System: If you kill your enemies, you will have a more difficult time trying to convince anyone you are Innocent.


-Stunning Unreal Engine 4 Visuals and Highly-Creative Technologies

-Story with deep level of Risk/Reward

-Solo Campaign, Cooperative Mode; Customized and Balanced Separate Map Level Versions for PVP

-Character and Weapon Customization

-1st Person/3rd Person Toggles, so as to Blend the 'shooter crowd' in an Intense Game

We are a small Team working to Produce an Art & Tech. Demo, based upon the Theme and Concept of the Outline Above. When the Demo reaches the point where it is fully working, and ready to be evaluated, i will ask around for a Cinematics engineer to take footage of the Demo's scenery and functionality.

The Demo and Cinematic will go towards further recruitment, and We could have a shot at Epic Games' Grant of $50,000 to fund our Science & Tech. Then, Finalizing an Early Build for testing will come, and Early Access will be considered, once a solid level of stability and playability is reached.

Team Name: EliteForceGames

-We are a Team of modders hoping to Produce the Demo.

Reasons (Project Creator)

Project Management, Modelling and Level Design, Tech Researcher.


3D Modelling/ 2D Artist, Level Designer - hiatus

Roshy* - hiatus

BluePrint Designer

Previous Work:

"Rival Playas" Unreal Tournament 2k4 Total Conversion Mod

"Project Stealth" UDK Project - Bisbanded due to Copyright and other difficulties

Tomc Clancy's Unreal Engine 2.x UnrealEd Development with custom 3d models creat5ed in 3ds Max, Photoshop

Solo experimetnal work with Stock UDK using BumpOffset to create Parallax Mapping with amazing results, dirt, snow, brick, and translucent/ transparency materials, basic particle FX in Cascade, Animation Rigging, with Skeletal Meshes animated, with and without NURMS subdivision High Poly Viz-Ready (Uncollapsed) geometry with STL Check (Stereo Litho auditing of vertices, edges, and faces)

Unreal 4 Documentation is fairly excruciating, the whole "Self-Learning" thing is basically something from the past. I have managed Assets from Epic MarketPlace along-side my own 3d art skinned, and have migrated several Projects to and from various Release Versions of UE4 (4.15/ 4.19.2-4.21.3) managing the Content folders, and World Outliners, with varying results. Rough Outline of GrassLand Interactive Foliage (TallGrass/ Tree Branches/Leaves, not Player-Reactive, need BP Designs) Video Capture of PC 1080p 30Hz is available:

------------------------------- [RECRUITMENT]------------------------------

Recruitment Positions are Available in order of needed [i]now[/i] and end of list is [i]needed later[/i]:

Programmers/ BluePrint Designers (2/Each)

Programmers to work with our art for implementation

BluePrint Designers to work with the Programmers

-C++ Experienced Applicants should be able to create clean, and future-proofed code so as to mix with BluePrinting at a functional level.

-BluePrint Designers will need to create and/or tweak existing Assets and those C++/C# coders create; Basic Level Interactivity, Main Menu, and Player Functionality will be needed as BP.

Level Designers (2)

- Experience with Unreal Engine is Required. Terrain Sculpting, Asset Management, and Lighting/PostProcessing with Volumetrics skills needed.

-Implementation of navigation systems will need to be placed by the Level Designer; Previous Police or Military Training Preferred.

3D Character Artist (2)

- Experience with 3ds Max or Maya Preferred. Blender is fine, The UE4 Skeleton is fairly manageable.

- Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.

- Expected to create, rig and animate players, and characters (npcs).

Weapons Modeller + Skinner + Animator*

- Police and Military Weapons knowledge is preferred, although if you can model from image references, prior knowledge is not necessary.

*Animators must fit weapons to UE4 Skeleton with Character Models and create fluid, functional animations.

Texture/Skin Artists

- Ability to create texture skins Are very much needed. The processing and loading of Textures and Materials would hint that skins should be created with any attachments besides Optics, included in 1 (one) 4096^2 Texture.This is not always the answer, i know. Separate Image Creation Layers (*duplicated skin layer with height info rather than diffuse (base Color) info) of skins for Heightmaps info as the skins are painted, so Skin Painters should have Expert Level Painting, and Layer Manipulation Experience. Photoshop preferred.

Environment Artists

*Please ignore if accustomed to painting skins with Layers (Photoshop, as described above: Normals Baking Is Required for the 3D Modeller, with Heightmaps baked into an Alpha, and separate texture, to keep the Source Content Ready for Patching.. These are for use to use the Normals to accent the models, and the Heightmaps in Alpha/ Duplicate Texture will plug into the Bump Offset from Red Channel of Height to enable Parallax.

*Material Artists with experience in using MAtNodes are very much in-demand. Experience with the various nodes and variable functions are the icing on the cake to be Innovative, and polished.

*For any skinning/ texturing involved Applicants, duplicated skin layers with height info rather than diffuse (base Color) info) of skins for Heightmaps info as the skins are painted, so Skin Painters should have Expert Level Painting, and Layer Manipulation Experience.

sorry for typos, i'm getting older

Prototype's home:

Contact Form on Home page of site.

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